Here we discover the artist's love of his native Yorkshire, delivering bright colours which show off the beauty of this region. He would create a number of landcape paintings within this famous county in the 1990s and this body of work would become one of the highlights of his extensive career. Here we look directly up a hill, watching a road winding its way around the countryside, ultimately leading up to a row of trees in the far distance. The perspective used here is clearly far from accurate, as Hockney allows his expressive nature to take over a create a version of Yorkshire that fused with his own imagination. The fields are delivered in a patchwork of colours, each patterned in a way that provides aesthetic beauty and also roughly signifies what he would have been looking at when the artwork was originally made.

The artist would find an endless number of elements within the British countryside that would inspire his work, when many of us would simply drive past having lived in the same locations all our lives. He produced exciting artwork from single fallen trees, for example, and also helped us to re-connect with the hedgerows that provide such an important role within this country. Those fortunate enough to see Going up Garrowby Hill will immediately realise that Hockney's paintings are so much better in real life that when viewing pictures of them online, or even in high quality publications. The colours are just so much more vibrant and this helps to explain why exhibitions of his work are just so popular at the moment. There is also a love for the English countryside which spreads far beyond our own national boundaries.

This painting was completed in the year 2000 and was sold onto a private collection, where it is still believed to reside today. The artist returned to the theme of the English countryside several times after this body of work was completed, continuing to re-invent the way in which we see the landscape on our doorsteps. He has also started to try out other mediums, even embracing technology in a way that many of those from his generation would not be willing to do. As we live lives which are more and more lonely and disconnected, this artist's career has helped to remind us all of the need to keep in touch with nature as much as possible and never to take it for granted. Other paintings from this period of his career have also been featured here, with some considering to be amongst his finest moments as an artist, even though he has produced so much different work across his lifetime already.