Naturally, we do not sell any products ourselves, and this website is purely for educational purposes. The cheapest place to start would be through various books covering the artist's life and career, many of which feature some beautiful reproductions of his paintings. This popular artist now has a large number of publications around various aspects of his life and he continues to enjoy a global following, which is most strong within Europe and the US. Professional publications naturally should have permission to publish these images are so are a safe bet for finding authorised reproductions of his work.

Those looking to find larger versions could check out Pocklington Framing Services which is based in the artist's home county of Yorkshire, UK. They appear to be in close contact with the artist himself but are still able to sell at very reasonable prices - we have even purchased a number of framed prints from them ourselves, including Garrowby Hill and Bigger Grand Canyon! They are a charming local business which offer a personal service and also regularly update their offerings from his career. Other artists are also featured and those living in the area might also consider giving them a visit. It is also pleasing to connect directly with a company that work in the region which inspired much of Hockney's work.

Secondly, you might look at Salts Mill, a converted textile factory, also in Yorkshire. They have a large number of posters from his career available for purchase online, or in person. All of these items have been authorised too, so you can buy in confidence, knowing that you are also supporting this impressive venue. The artist himself actually painted this building on several occasions too, such as this version that was titled simply, Salts Mill. The venue continues to go from strength to strength and has become one of the most popular tourist sights in all Yorkshire, with a growing interest in Hockney helping to boost its visitors numbers considerably. The artist has always remained proud of his background and desires to continue to promote, even though he spends time abroad too.

The Salts Mill itself is also home to a very large collection of his original artworks, making it amongst the best place to visit for fans of the artist. The establishment has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and other small businesses have moved into the building as well, making it an exciting hub of creativity and commerce. It is a colossal building, and likely would have fallen into disrepair eventually, were it not for this new purpose. Music, sport and antiques are also really well represented within the smaller businesses which exist here, as well as plenty of places to eat and drink.

Finally, there are a number of art galleries and museums which offer approved prints and posters of paintings and drawings from his career. Sometimes these are copies of artworks that they themselves now own, whilst other times they are simply items that they have loaned for exhbitions over the last few decades. Exhibition posters are also often available and some collectors like to snap these up too. The Tate and the Royal Academy both sell reproductions of some of his work and so are worth checking out online too. Many of the books available will be repeated across most of these suggested sources, but the exhibition posters will likely be only available from that particular gallery, in most cases.